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I'm the one behind the brand, Alina.

Nutrition and exercise are in an eternal symbiotic relationship. It is for this reason that nutrition and exercise have become my passion over the years. However, without forgetting to relax at home.

I work as an entrepreneur in a food import company and have dedicated a large part of my life to it. However, now it's time to switch gears to a new eye and realize one of my biggest dreams. I'm bringing to market clothing that fits this generation and that not only looks good on you, but also feels good on you. Best of all, in the collection you can find clothes that are just right for you for moving around or just lounging on the couch at home.

Where did it all begin?

Sports have been a part of me since I was a little girl. Figure skating was my first contact with sports. Later, dance also found its way into my life, and a few years ago I was drawn to Crossfit. Maybe skiing or eukonkanti next. Who knows. However, every hobby has always required training clothes suitable for its sport. Engaging in these different forms of exercise has definitely inspired me in the design of the clothing collection. 

The fact that the aesthetics of the clothes are pleasing to the eye is just not enough, in my opinion. Of course, that's only a plus, but good clothes must also be practical. This makes my company's clothes versatile, suitable for both sports and everyday life. In practice, you can find clothes in the collection for a proper sweat session or even for grocery shopping on Monday night.

The clothes are domestically designed down to every detail. The income of my dreams, for which I am responsible. On the other hand, the manufacturing of clothes is handled by more experienced countries in the world. That's why it's important that the clothes I design are made from carefully selected fabrics and responsibly in a factory with more than ten years of experience in making sportswear. So guaranteed quality!

And hey, my company also has a name. It also has its birth story. In short, however, the company got its name from a cheer. This shout of cheers, which I used a lot in my training, has encouraged and motivated me to perform hard. That is why today the company proudly bears the name, CAMA!




- Alina